Journalist Tom Hill

Up To Speed

Ronnie Reagan was in the White House, Mikhail Gorbachev was in the Kremlin and Mrs Thatcher was in Number 10 in the year I first became a journalist. It was a vintage year for Bill Gates, who launched Windows 1.0, but not so great for Steve Jobs, who parted company with Apple. New soaps EastEnders and Neighbours launched in England and Australia, and Back To The Future was the USA’s highest grossing box office hit.

For two decades I worked for other people including the BBC, ITN, GMTV and Sky News and subsequently as a senior lecturer at Bournemouth University.

In 2006 I founded Up To Speed as a training company offering full-time courses accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists. The Up To Speed teaching team helped more than 130 students prepare for tough exams in journalism, photography, media law, public affairs and shorthand.

Since 2014 the focus has switched from training to freelance journalism. As an analyst for Oxford Business Group I have written extensively across a broad range of business and economic topics with a focus on the Middle East. At Crown Media I have played a part in the simulated media teams that support military exercises in the UK and abroad. Check out the ARCHIVE page for examples of my work.

As a journalist, I am curious about the world and always looking for new challenges.